Cultural Competency Training​

course outline

Our Cultural Training course takes the participant on a journey following in the footsteps of Aboriginal people from the past to the present. Importantly it provides organisations with practical strategies to better engage Aboriginal clients and achieve intended outcomes.

Participants complete 3 modules:


The First Footprints

This first module explores traditional cultural practices, recognising the diversity and complexity of Aboriginal societies and their unique adaptation to a harsh environment.

Two Different Tracks

This second module identifies past practices and legislation that directly impacted on Aboriginal people after colonisation. It explores Aboriginal contribution to a new and developing society.

Footsteps to the Future

This last module Identifies the problems that eventuated from past legislation and consequent barriers for Aboriginal people accessing services. Most importantly it provides solutions to improving outcomes, communication and relationships.

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cost: $199.00

This course has been designed by Aboriginal people in conjunction with qualified professionals with years of experience in the education and employment sectors.